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Rhône River

river in Switzerland and France
Deutsch: Der Fluss Rhône (im deutschsprachigen Teil des Wallis auch Rhone oder Rotten) ist ein 812 km langer europäischer Fluss durch Schweiz and Frankreich, und der zweitlängste und wasserreichste Strom Frankreichs.

{{en|1=The River Rhone (Latin Rhodanus) is one of the major rivers (ca. 800 km [500 miles] long) of Europe, running through Switzerland and France.

Français : Le Rhône (Latin Rhodanus, Occitan Rose) est un des plus importants cours d’eau d’Europe (env. 800 km [500 miles] de long), parcourant la Suisse et la France. Parmi ses importants affluents : l’Arve, la Saône, l’Isère, l’Ardèche, la Drôme, la Durance et le Gard.
Italiano: Il Rodano (Latin Rhodanus) è un importante fiume europeo. Lungo 812 km, nasce in Svizzera dove scorre per i primi 231 km, per poi proseguire in Francia per altri 581 km fino a sfociare nel Mar Mediterraneo.



English: The Rhône was a key communications route already in the Roman period, but throughout the ages was a difficult and dangerous navigation. Channel improvement works between 1885 and 1905 increased the low-water navigable draught to 1.60m (5 ft) but the upstream hauls were still challenging for boatmen. The Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR) was set up in 1933 to develop the river for navigation, hydropower and irrigation. Twelve hydroelectric plants and locks were built between 1964 and 1980. With a total head of 162m, they produce 13  GWh of electricity annually, or 16% of the country’s total hydroelectric production (20% if the Upper Rhône plants are added), and there have been significant benefits for agriculture throughout the Rhône valley. Source: David Edwards-May, Inland Waterways of France'', 8th edition, contents partly available on line
Français : Cartes.


Deutsch: Schweiz.
Français : Suisse.
Italiano: Svizzera.

Canton of ValaisEdit

Deutsch: Kanton des Wallis.
Français : Canton du Valais.

Canton of VaudEdit

Français : Canton de Vaud.

Canton of GenèveEdit

Deutsch: Genf.
Français : Genève.
Italiano: Ginevra.


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