Routemaster prototype RMF1254

English: RMF1254 (reg. 254 CLT) was the prototype for a front entranced layout of the Routemaster. Based on the longer RML design, instead of an open rear platform and rear staircase, it had a close-able doorway immediately behind the front axle, with the stairs fitted immediately behind the driver's cab. It was exhibited at the 1962 Commercial Motor Show, and loaned by London Transport to operators in Liverpool, Kent and Halifax for short periods, as well as conducting longer trials for British European Airways. Ultimately there were only two customers for front entrance Routemasters, BEA and Northern. After the replacement of its AEC engine with a Leyland unit, in November 1966 RMF1254 was sold to Northern, being renumbered 2145, the next in their series. In 1975, as part of a fleet wide renumbering at Northern, it became 3118, (in isolation from the rest of the batch). In October 1980 it was withdrawn from service, and entered preservation.