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Seattle and the Orient

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Seattle and the Orient (more properly, Seattle …and the… Orient) was a 1900 "souvenir" pamphlet edited and compiled by Alfred D. Bowen and published by The Times Printing Company (that is, the Seattle Daily Times, now the Seattle Times). It was a promotional document for the city of Seattle. The pamphlet is heavily photo-illustrated, and presents a remarkable (albeit boosterish) textual and visual portrait of Seattle, Washington in the year 1900. (It also includes a set of photo portraits of the Times' own staff from that date.)

Category:Seattle and the Orient includes a complete, readable page-by-page reproduction of the document. The only exceptions are:

  • There is only a small image of the front cover
  • There is no image of the inside front cover, inside back cover, or the back cover.

The category also contains numerous images extracted from these pages.

Some page images, showing examples of the book's highly varied layout.

Here are some of the many images extracted from the pamphlet:

Some businesses were covered in considerable depth…

…there are numerous pictures of the mansions of the city's rich and powerful…

…and a number of other intriguing pictures.

Access to all full-page images:

Index on page 184.