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Ships built at the Incat shipyard in Hobart, Tasmania

Fleet (overview)Edit

Hull no Model Name Manager IMO no
020 30m Cat Our Lady Patricia Wightlink - nach Brand 2006 verschrottet IMO 8507494
021 30m Cat Our Lady Pamela Wightlink IMO 8508931
022 37m WPC Sea Flight Sea Flight Cruises
023 74m WPC Emeraude France None IMO 8903703
024 74m WPC Patricia Olivia Buquebus IMO 9043952
025 74m WPC HSC Searunner Aegean Speed Lines IMO 8900000
026 74m WPC Snaefell Isle of Man Steam Packet Company IMO 8900012
027 74m WPC Pescara Jet SNAV IMO 8919506
028 74m WPC Al Huda 1 Port Safaga Egypt to Dhuba IMO 8919518
030 74m WPC Condor 10 Condor Ferries IMO 9001526
031 74m WPC Mandarin Dae-A Express Shipping Co Ltd
032 74m WPC Atlantic III Navegacion Atlandia SA IMO 9001540
033 78m WPC Jaume 1 Balearia IMO 9081693
034 78m WPC Elanora El Salam Maritime IMO 9106091
035 78m WPC Mega Jet Mega Ferries IMO 9106106
036 70m K50 Juan Patricio Buquebus IMO 9106118
037 78m K50 Sunflower Dae-A-Gosok
038 81m WPC Jaume II Balearia IMO 9116113
039 Project R & D Craft (Solar Boat)
040 81m WPC Stena Lynx III Stena Line IMO 9129328
041 81m WPC Jaume III Balearia IMO 9135884
042 86m WPC Condor Express Condor Ferries IMO 9135896
043 86m WPC Tarifa Jet FRS IMO 9150999
044 86m WPC Condor Vitesse Condor Ferries IMO 9151008
045 86m WPC SpeedOne Speed Ferries IMO 9161560
046 91m WPC Incat 046 Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago IMO 9172076
047 91m WPC Express P&O Irish Sea IMO 9176046
048 91m WPC Max Mols Mols Linien IMO 9176058
049 91m WPC Fjord Cat Fjord Line IMO 9176060
050 96m WPC Manannan Isle of Man Steam Packet Company IMO 9176072
051 96m WPC Bonanza Express Fred. Olsen Express IMO 9200225
052 96m WPC Alboran Acciona Trasmediterránea IMO 9206700
053 96m WPC Bencomo Express Fred. Olsen Express IMO 9206712
054 Project R & D Craft (Wing)
055 96m WPC Bentago Express Fred. Olsen Express IMO 9213337
056 96m WPC Milenium Acciona Trasmediterránea IMO 9221346



112 metre-ClassEdit

yard no 067 | IMO 9561356Edit

KatExpress 2Edit

yard no 066 | IMO 9501590Edit

KatExpress 1Edit

Norman ArrowEdit

yard no 065 | IMO 9383649Edit

Natchan WorldEdit

yard no 064 | IMO 9294238Edit

Natchan ReraEdit

yard no 063Edit

yard no 062 | IMO 9294226Edit

98 metre-ClassEdit

Daten bei INCAT

yard no 061 | IMO 9283928Edit

HSV-2 SwiftEdit

yard no 060 | IMO 9280897Edit

T&T SpiritEdit

TSV-1X Edit

yard no 059 | IMO 9237656Edit

The Cat Edit

yard no 058 | IMO 9237644 Edit

Millenium DosEdit

yard no 057 | IMO 9221358Edit

Normandie ExpressEdit

96 metre-ClassEdit

Daten bei INCAT

yard no 056Edit

IMO 9221346

yard no 055Edit

IMO 9213337

yard no 053Edit

IMO 9206712

yard no 052Edit

IMO 9206700

yard no 051Edit

IMO 9200225

yard no 050Edit

IMO 9176072

91 metre-ClassEdit

Daten bei INCAT

yard no 049 |IMO 9176060Edit

Fjord CatEdit

yard no 048 |IMO 9176058Edit

Max MolsEdit

Caen ExpressEdit

yard no 047 |IMO 9176046 Edit


yard no 046 | IMO 9172076 Edit

Incat 046Edit


Daten bei INCAT

yard no 045Edit

yard no 044Edit

yard no 043 | IMO 9150999Edit

Tarifa JetEdit

yard no 042 | IMO 9135896Edit

Condor ExpressEdit

Champion Jet 2Edit

yard no 041 | IMO 9135884Edit

Jaume IIIEdit


yard no 040Edit

yard no 038Edit

yard no 035Edit

yard no 032Edit

yard no 030Edit


yard no 028Edit

yard no 027Edit

yard no 026Edit

yard no 025Edit

yard no 024Edit

yard no 023Edit

yard no 021Edit

yard no 020Edit