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General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

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File:Lockheed Martin F-16C Barak, Israel - Air Force JP7236329.jpg|F-16C Barak
File:Lockheed Martin F-16D Barak, Israel - Air Force JP7236325.jpg|F-16D Barak
File:Israeli F-16s at Red Flag.jpg|[[F-16I Sufa]]
File:Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - IAF Flight for Israel's 63rd Independence Day (1).jpg|F-16I Sufa during the Independence Day fly-by
File:Israeli F-16I16s Stormat -Red Israeli ViperFlag2.jpg|F-16I Sufa during in-flight refueling
File:Flickr IAF- Israel Defense Forces F-35I- IAF Flight for Israel's 63rd Independence Dayand-F-16I--Sufa--cropped.jpg|F-16I Sufa
File:Israeli IAF-F-16s at Red Flag235I-and-F-16I.jpg|F-16I Sufa airwith [[F-35 Lightning II|F-35I refuelsAdir]]
File:F-16I Soufa 2.jpg
File:Air Force Fly By on Tel Aviv Beach IMG 6014a.jpg|F-16I Sufa
File:IAF-F-35I-and-F-16I--Sufa--cropped.jpg|[[F-16I Sufa]]
File:IAF-F-35I-and-F-16I.jpg|[[F-16I Sufa]] with [[F-35 Lightning II|F-35I Adir]]
== Polish Air Force ==
File:F-16C Polska 5594.jpg|F-16C block 52+ #4044 in flight above the base
Image:Krzesiny 1RB.JPG|F-16C block 52+ #4044
Image:F-16 CD Poznań Krzesiny.JPG|F-16s C and D block 52+ of 3rd Tactical Sqn
Image:F-16D_Krzesiny.JPG|F-16D block 52+ #4076 of 3rd Tactical Sqn
== Prototype ==