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=== [[:File:EvolutionAppStoreFR.png]] ===
The [ Keynote Software License Agreement] (available on [ this page]) says, paragraph 2 section H, the following:
<blockquote>This License does not grant you any rights to use such content. For example, any stock photographs, images, graphics, clipart, artwork or similar assets (“Digital Imagery”) that are provided by Apple and/or its licensors as part of the Apple Software or Services (including but not limited to '''any Digital Imagery contained within templates, themes''' or user guides and tutorials) '''may not be extracted and distributed, commercially or otherwise''', on a standalone basis outside of the Apple Software.</blockquote>

Unless [[User:Manutaust|the uploader]] made the theme and background image himself, I believe this image cannot be uploaded here because Apple prohibits commercial use of slides made with Apple-designed [default] Keynote themes.

<span style="text-shadow: 0.1em 0.1em 0.1em grey;">[[User:Diti|<span style="color: orange;">Diti</span>]] [[User talk:Diti|<span style="color: #545454;">the penguin</span>]]</span> <small>—</small> 20:49, 7 April 2013 (UTC)