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Nuvola 2.0+ Sculpture.svgNuvola 2nd Spanish Rep flag.svgNuvola 64 apps clock rosa.png
Nuvola 64 viquiprojecte cinema.pngNuvola ACT flag.svgNuvola Aaland flag.svg
Nuvola Abkhazia flag.svgNuvola Aboriginal flag.svgNuvola Afghani flag.svg
Nuvola Alabama flag.svgNuvola Alaska flag.svgNuvola Albanian flag.svg
Nuvola Alberta flag.svgNuvola Algerian flag.svgNuvola American Samoa.svg
Nuvola American flag.pngNuvola Andorran flag.pngNuvola Andorran flag.svg
Nuvola Angolan flag.svgNuvola Anguillan flag.svgNuvola Antarctica flag.png
Nuvola Antarctica flag.svgNuvola Anti Aisatsu.pngNuvola Antiguan-Barbudan flag.svg
Nuvola Apps Important 3.pngNuvola Apps Important 3.xcfNuvola Apps Important 4.png
Nuvola Arabic language flag.svgNuvola Argentine flag.svgNuvola Arizona flag.svg
Nuvola Arkansas flag.svgNuvola Armenian flag.svgNuvola Arpitan Movement flag.svg
Nuvola Arpitan language flag.svgNuvola Aruban flag.svgNuvola Australian Antarctic Territory (unofficial) flag.svg
Nuvola Australian flag.svgNuvola Austrian flag.svgNuvola Azawad flag.svg
Nuvola Azerbaijan flag.svgNuvola Azores flag.svg
Nuvola BAT flag.svgNuvola BIOT flag.svgNuvola Bahamas flag.svg
Nuvola Bahian flag.svgNuvola Bahraini flag.svgNuvola Balearic flag.svg
Nuvola Bangladeshi flag.svgNuvola Barbados flag.svg
Nuvola Basque Country flag.svgNuvola Belarus flag 1991.svgNuvola Belarus flag 1995.svg
Nuvola Belarussian flag.svgNuvola Belgian flag.svgNuvola Belizean flag.svg
Nuvola Beninese flag.svgNuvola Bermudian flag.svgNuvola Boca Juniors flag.svg
Nuvola Bolivian civil flag.svgNuvola Bolivian flag.svgNuvola Bolivian man icon.svg
Nuvola Bolivian man icon2.svgNuvola Bonaire flag.svgNuvola Bosnian flag.svg
Nuvola Botswana flag.svgNuvola Boxing Kangaroo flag.svgNuvola Brazilian flag.svg
Nuvola British Columbia flag.svgNuvola British Virgin Islands flag.svgNuvola Brittany flag.svg
Nuvola Brunei flag.svgNuvola Bucaramanga Flag.svgNuvola Buenos Aires City flag.svg
Nuvola Buenos Aires Province flag.svgNuvola Bulgaria flag.svgNuvola Bulgarian flag.svg
Nuvola Bulgarian flag 1967.svgNuvola Burkina Faso flag.svgNuvola Burmese flag.svg
Nuvola Burundian flag.svgNuvola Buthanese flag.svgNuvola California flag.svg
Nuvola Cambodia flag.svgNuvola Cameroon flag.svgNuvola Canada flag.svg
Nuvola Canary flag.svgNuvola Cape Verdean flag.svgNuvola Catalonia flag.svg
Nuvola Catamarca flag.svgNuvola Caymanian flag.svgNuvola Central African Republic flag.svg
Nuvola Ceuta flag.svgNuvola Chaco flag.svgNuvola Chadian flag.svg
Nuvola Chatham flag.svgNuvola Chile flag.pngNuvola Chilian flag.svg
Nuvola Chinese Taipei Olympic flag.svgNuvola Chinese flag.svgNuvola Christmas flag.svg
Nuvola Chubut flag.svgNuvola Cocos flag.svgNuvola Colombian flag.svg
Nuvola Colorado flag.svgNuvola Comorian flag.svgNuvola Connecticut flag.svg
Nuvola Cook flag.svgNuvola Cordoba flag.svgNuvola Corrientes flag.svg
Nuvola Corsica flag.svgNuvola Costa Rican flag.svgNuvola Costa Rican state flag.svg
Nuvola Cote d'Ivoire flag.svgNuvola Croatian flag.svgNuvola Cuban flag.svg
Nuvola Curaçaoan flag.svgNuvola Cyprian flag.svgNuvola Czech flag.svg
Nuvola Danish flag.svgNuvola Delaware flag.svgNuvola Democratic Republic of the Congo flag.svg
Nuvola District of Columbia flag.svgNuvola Djiboutian flag.svgNuvola Dominican flag.svg
Nuvola Dominiquais flag.svgNuvola Drenthe flag.svgNuvola Dutch Guyana flag.svg
Nuvola Dutch flag.svgNuvola Earth flag.svgNuvola East German flag.svg
Nuvola East Timorese flag.svgNuvola Easter flag.svgNuvola Ecuadorian flag.svg
Nuvola Egyptian flag.svgNuvola England flag.svgNuvola English flag.svg
Nuvola English language flag.svgNuvola Entre Rios flag.svgNuvola Equatorial Guinea flag.svg
Nuvola Eritrean flag.svgNuvola Esperanto flag.svgNuvola Esperantujo flag.svg
Nuvola Estonian flag.svgNuvola Ethiopian flag.svgNuvola Eureka flag.svg
Nuvola Europe flag.svgNuvola Expert.svgNuvola Expert Important.svg
Nuvola Expert OK.svgNuvola Expert Wrong Answer.svgNuvola Expert tip.svg
Nuvola Falkland flag.svgNuvola Faroese flag.svgNuvola Federation of BiH flag.svg
Nuvola Fijian flag.svgNuvola Finnish flag.svgNuvola Flag hu.png
Nuvola Flevoland flag.svgNuvola Florida flag.svgNuvola Formosa flag.svg
Nuvola Four Provinces flag.svgNuvola France Ukraine flags.svgNuvola France flag.svg
Nuvola French Guiana flag.svgNuvola French Polynesian flag.svgNuvola Frisian flag.svg
Nuvola Gabon flag.svgNuvola Galician SSR flag.svgNuvola Galician flag.svg
Nuvola Galician flag shielded.svgNuvola Galician flag starred.svgNuvola Gambian flag.svg
Nuvola Gelderland flag.svgNuvola Georgia flag 1990.svgNuvola Georgian flag.svg
Nuvola German Reich flag.svgNuvola German flag.svgNuvola Ghanaian flag.svg
Nuvola Gibraltarian flag.svgNuvola Graham Antarctic flag.svgNuvola Great Britain flag.svg
Nuvola Greek flag.svgNuvola Greek flag (1822-1978).svg
Nuvola Green Plus.svgNuvola Greenland flag.svgNuvola Grenadian flag.svg
Nuvola Groningen flag.svgNuvola Guadeloupe black flag.svgNuvola Guadeloupe red flag.svg
Nuvola Guam flag.svgNuvola Guaranyan flag.svgNuvola Guatemalan flag.svg
Nuvola Guayaquil flag.svgNuvola Guernsey flag.svgNuvola Guinea-Bissau flag.svg
Nuvola Guinean flag.svgNuvola Guyana flag.svgNuvola Haitian flag.svg
Nuvola Haitian flag 1964.svgNuvola Hawaiian flag.svgNuvola Herceg-Bosnian flag.svg
Nuvola Honduran flag.svgNuvola Hong Kong flag.svgNuvola Hong Kong flag 1959.svg
Nuvola Hungary flag.svgNuvola Hungary flag 1915.svgNuvola Hungary flag 1946.svg
Nuvola IT icon.svgNuvola Icelandic flag.svgNuvola Idaho flag.svg
Nuvola Illinois flag.svgNuvola Indian flag.svgNuvola Indiana flag.svg
Nuvola Indonesian flag.svgNuvola Iowa flag.svgNuvola Iranian flag.svg
Nuvola Iraqi flag.svgNuvola Iraqi or Syrian flag 1963.svgNuvola Irish flag.svg
Nuvola Isle of Man flag.svgNuvola Israeli flag.svgNuvola Italy flag.svg
Nuvola Italy flag alternative.svgNuvola Jalisco flag.svgNuvola Jalisco flag (local).svg
Nuvola Jamaican flag.svgNuvola Japan flag.svgNuvola Jerez Flag.svg
Nuvola Jersey flag.svgNuvola Johnston flag.svgNuvola Jordan flag.svg
Nuvola Jujuy flag.svgNuvola Kalzium Recolor.svgNuvola Kansas flag.svg
Nuvola Karelian flag.svgNuvola Kazakh flag.svgNuvola Kentucky flag.svg
Nuvola Kenyan flag.svgNuvola Kiribati flag.svgNuvola Korea 1882 flag.svg
Nuvola Korea Unification flag.svgNuvola Korean flag.svgNuvola Kosovan flag.svg
Nuvola Kotava flag.svgNuvola Kuwaiti flag.svgNuvola Kyrgyz flag.svg
Nuvola LGBT flag.svgNuvola LGBT flag borderless.svgNuvola La Pampa flag.svg
Nuvola La Rioja flag.svgNuvola Laotian flag.svgNuvola Latvian flag.svg
Nuvola League of Arab States flag.svgNuvola Lebanese flag.svgNuvola Lesotho flag.svg
Nuvola Lesotho flag 1987.svgNuvola Liberian flag.svgNuvola Libya (2011) flag.svg
Nuvola Libya flag.svgNuvola Liechtensteiner flag.svgNuvola Limburg flag.svg