Stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Issue 1879-1894 (lithographed)Edit

  • French: Lithographiés
  • German: Steindruck

Issue 1894-1899 (typographed)Edit

  • French: Typographiés
  • German: Buchdruck

Values 1/2 kr to 20 kr.

Issue 1900-1901Edit

Currency Heller and Kronen, numerals below. Normally perforated 12².

Issues 1901-1906Edit

Black numerals.

Issue 1906 LandscapesEdit

First issue with the country name (in German). Landscapes (engraved) design by Koloman Moser. Values 1 heller to 5 Kronen (Michel N° 29-44). Usually perforated 12².

Issue 1910Edit

For the 80 years of Franz Joseph 1830-1910, modified pictorial issue. Values 1 heller to 5 kronen.

Issues 1912Edit

New header K.u K. Militär Post on 4 October. Engraved by F. Schirnböck on a Koloman Moser design.

Journal stamps 1913Edit

Non-perforated 4 values (2 to 20 heller), Bosnian dressed girl. This model has been re-used in Yugoslavia.

War issues 1914-1916Edit

Charity issues (overprints).

Issues 1916-1917Edit

Oct 1916Edit

3 h to 10 Kr. Mi99-116.

May 1917Edit

Issue 1917 - 3d year after Sarajevo murderEdit

Issue July 1917 - Charles I of AustriaEdit

Engraved, design by A. Cossmann. Values 3 h to 10 kronen. Text Bosnien-Hercegovina, K u K Militär Post.

Issue July1918 for the victims of warEdit

Design by Alfred Cossmann. Portraits Charles Ier and Zita. Text K u K Militärpost- Karlfonds

Issue 11 November 1918Edit

Overprints for use in the new State of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Bosnia and Herzegovina region.

Postage due issues 1904-1916Edit