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Stamps of Nicaragua 1862-1900

Regular (Definitive) stampsEdit


September 1869 - 1871Edit

Recess by American Bank Note, Co. Numeral postmarks (to be identified).

December 1877 - 1880Edit

Momotombo volcan. Rouletted.

April 1882Edit

UPU, inscribed Mayo 1882, commemorative of the opening of a steam ships line on the Managua lake. A first stamp with notification of an event.

Nicholas Frederick Seebeck (1857-1899) issuesEdit

Named after the Hamilton Bank Note Co director, and his contracts with several American states. See for details. Includes the overprints FRANQUEO OFICIAL for Official use.

1 January 1890Edit

First Seebeck issue, valid one year, and then returned to the printer (Hamilton Bank Note Co in New York).

1 January 1891Edit

Second Seebeck issue, valid one year. 10 values (up to 10 Pesos!). Unused stamps are common.

1 January 1892Edit

Columbus landing in 1492. Third Seebeck issue, valid one year.

1 January 1893Edit

Fourth Seebeck issue, valid one year.

1 January 1894Edit

Fifth Seebeck issue, only one year.

1 January 1895Edit

Sixth Seebeck issue, valid one year. Engraved by Harry L. Chorlton.

1 January 1896Edit

Seventh Seebeck issue, valid one year. May have a Phrygian cap watermark. Reprints exist.

1 January 1897Edit

Same as above, but with year 1897. May have a Phrygian cap watermark. The reprints have another colour.

1 January 1898Edit

Coats of Arms of Republica Mayor de Centroamerica. With or without watermark. 10 values (up to 5 Pesos). Reprinted. See for details.

1 January 1899Edit

Allegory of Justice. 11 values (up to 5 Pesos).

1 January 1900Edit

Volcano Momotombo near lake Managua. Recess printed by American Bank Note Co. 13 values (1 c to 5 P). Later issues exist without the printer name.

Postage due stampsEdit

1900 issueEdit

Recess by the American Bank Note Co. Michel catalogue (1985) states wurden nie als Portomarken verwendet: the cancels are not official.

Telegraph stampsEdit

1893 issue TELEGRAFOS overprintEdit

1898 issue Telégrafo overprintEdit

1900 issueEdit

Recess by ABN Co. Allegory (child bearing light). 8 values (10 c to 3 P).