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Postage stamps issued by the Kingdom of Saxony, between 1850 and 1867, before the incorporation of the post authority in the Post of North German Confederation on 1 January 1868. Currency is Pfennig (12 Neu-Groschen) and Neu-Groschen (1/30 Vereinsthaler). There are 19 stamps by Michel Catalogue.

Issues 1850, 1851Edit

Issue with Friedrich August II (1797-1854) on 1851-08-01 and in 1852Edit

Portrait to the right designed by Ulbricht. Engraved, printed on colored paper.

Issues with Johann I (1801-1873) in 1855-1856Edit

Design by Ulbricht. Engraved by C.C. Meinhold & Söhne[1], printed on colored paper (1/2 Ngr to 3 Ngr), and white paper (5 and 10 Ngr).

Portrait of the King

Issues with the Coat of Arms (Wappen) on 1863-07-01 and in 1867Edit


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