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I've read through the entry on cigars and my question still isn't answered. Why does smoking a cigar make one sick to their stomach? I had my first, and last, cuban cigar last night.

Dear Sick to your StomachEdit

Other than a brieft two year break, which recently ended, I have smoked cigars since 1999. The only time(s) I may have received a nauseas feeling would have been the following reasons:

1) smoking a strong cigar on an empty stomach; 2) smoking a strong (perhaps you may insert "any" here) cigar too quickly; 3) inhaling too much cigar smoke; 4) smoking cuban cigars during the "sick" period due to impatience.

Just use common sense; enjoy a nice meal; give it 15-30 mins to begin to digest; if smoking cuban cigars (if authentic), be sure it is at least 2+ years old), take your time and enjoy the cigar. Sometimes it also helps to accompany a good cuban cigar with a nice libation.



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