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re-structuring the unknown pagesEdit

i've started changing the system how pictures of unknown insecs are stored:

easy to remember gallery pages for the insect orders (or similar). i think this is better than categories for several reasons:

  • no need to open the picture pages all the time (is rather cumbersome sometimes to move 20 or so pictures this way)
  • easier to annotate the pictures (where are they from, what's the best guess so far), so that people willing to determine the species can find their way around faster.
  • easier to re-group inside an order: just move the name of the picture inside the gallery page.
  • easier to group pictures of the same animal together.

to that end, i'll from time to time move pictures from categories to gallery pages. if you disagree, please leave me a call. cheers --Sarefo 23:45, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

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