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Hello Keichwa. It is a great idea to shoot photos from places like Würzburg, that otherwise would not be in WP. However my *personal* opinion concerning the pictures is that they are slightly not on par with the general level at WP.

Look for example at this page [1]. Most pictures, e.g. "Tower of London" show the building including the towers in the center of the picture with nothing to disturb the attention. Others have extreme angles like "The Mall". Still others use "special atmosphere" like fog or lit buildings at night ("Palace of Westminster"). This is meant purely as constructive criticism.


Nuremberg,modern rebuilding of a tower, 2004
I prefer to mirror the world as it is. On a warm summer day in early september, the city of Würzburg is heavily crowded, thus all these nice people, and you will see "commercial" activities everywhere. The world is not a collection of nicely arranged buildings only ;) The other point is that I try to take pictures of all important (or old) monuments and I like to show as many characteristic details as possible. BTW, this ugly ("dirty") Grafeneckart building is of high interest: it is one of the oldest profane buildings in Würzburg (I'm going to publish some details in the future). Finally, my time in Würzburg was limited (approx. 2 hours) and my digicam is not a piece of high-end hardware...
I'm also interested in restoration and reconstruction issues (so called "Denkmalpflege"); thus do not be astonished to pictures like those of the Nuremberg defensive wall where a modern rebuilding of a tower takes place: Nuremberg#Defensive_or_City_Wall. --Keichwa 21:37, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)


Bei dem Briefkasten auf dem Bild handelt es sich um einen "Preußischen" (daher preußisch blau!). Die wurden in den 80/90er Jahren von Marketingmanagern der Post in ganz Deutschland an Städte/Gemeinden usw. verhöckert und viele Stadtmanager in den ehemals bayerischen Gegenden waren so "blöde" sich diese andrehen zu lassen.-- 07:22, 26 June 2013 (UTC)

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