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Voting for POTY2009 Final is closed.

If you have registered before 1 January 2010 and have more than 200 edits before 16 January 2010 (that is 15 January 2010, 24:00) in any single Wikimedia projects , your account is eligible for POTY2009. First check your SUL status and account eligibility:

If your account is eligible, log in Commons, and vote using this template with 4 tildes (signature). Use the following template for voting:

 #{{2009POTY/Vote|Your eligible username}} --~~~~

If your eligible username is different from your Commons account, add explanation behind your vote; make your Commons userpage linked to your eligible account's userpage, and your eligible acount's userpage linked to your Commons userpage. Pay attention whether you are logged in when you vote:Votes from IP users are ineligible unless they are confirmed by an eligible account user as their own before the end of the voting period of the Final. Nawet jeśli masz wiele kont spełniających wymagania, możesz głosować tylko z jednego konta. If you have no voter eligibility, you can still post your comment in the comment section.

Notice Single vote per eligible user. You may cast one vote only. Not one vote per image: one vote in total. (This is different from round 1 voting).
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UWAGA: Proszę nie wykorzystywać tego szablonu w sposób bezpośredni! To jest tylko tłumaczenie. Użyj {{2009POTY}}.
NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{2009POTY}} instead!