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This template is intended to be used in User Pages as a way to display artwork with some information at the bottom. This template IS NOT intended to be used in Wikimedia Commons since the template is not an elaborate one.


Use this template if you have images that you have made and that you need to show.


The template requires at least one parameter which must be an existing file in Wikimedia Commons. If used without parameters the template only shows an image of the Mona Lisa.

  • First Parameter: An existing file in Wikimedia Commons. No need to use the File: prefix
  • Second Parameter: Use it if you want to add a name different to the file name, this will be shown at the top of the table as a title too
  • Third Parameter:If you would like to say a few words regarding the piece shown (for instance category, medium, etc)
  • Fourth Parameter: If your work is based on another existing file in Wikimedia Commons then pass the file name here. This will show a thumbnail to such file.