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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Author/doc.

This template serves as a multifunctional multilingual tag for informing about an author in the language a user's preferences are set to. It should be placed in the "Author" parameter of the file's information, though it is not necessary to include it there.

The format for the template is to begin it with two open brackets followed by the word "Author"; the first parameter allows the person placing it to provide various types of author-related information, and that information must be presented in one of the types of information being provided followed by the name of the person to whom that word applies.

For example, to indicate that the author of a work is unknown, you would type


This will place the word "Unknown" in the author field and will do it in the correct language of the viewer's preference.

If the person placing the template wishes to indicate that there is an author of a derivative work for the file, he/ she would type:

{{author|derivative|Mike Jones}}

This will then display the word "Derivative:" in the correct language of the viewer followed by the words "Mike Jones".

If there are multiple authors to indicate, the person placing it would simply write, for example:

{{Author|original|Steve Mike}} {{Author|restoration|Jane Smith}}

Which would then display the words "Original: Steve Mike Restoration: Jane Smith" in the author field and with the words "Original" and "Restoration" in the correct language of the viewer of the file.

If the person placing this template uses a word other than one of the words listed below, the template will treat that word as the name of the file's author without regard to whether the author is that of the derivative work (if any), is the scanner of the work (if any), etc.

Of course, the file description portion of the file already has a parameter that displays "Author" and which already adjusts to the reader's preferred language, so adding just the word "Author" inside this template doesn't provide any new information about the file's authorship.

In other words, the template is useful for distinguishing several different types of authorship when they apply to the same file for some reason, and will do this in the reader's preferred language. The second parameter is always a single person's name, when it is used at all.

  • {{Author}} → Author
  • {{Author|anynonspecifiedword}} → Author
  • {{Author|unknown}} → Unknown
    Unknown author
  • {{Author|anonymous}} → Anonymous
    Unknown author
  • {{Author|collective}} → Collective
  • {{Author|various}} → Various
  • {{Author|original|Matthew}} → Original: Matthew
  • {{Author|photo|Mark}} → Photograph: Mark
  • {{Author|restoration|Luke}} → Restoration: Luke
  • {{Author|derivative|John}} → Derivative work: John
  • {{Author|upload|Peter}} → Upload: Peter
  • {{Author|vectorization|Paul}} → Vectorization: Paul
  • {{Author|scan|James}} → Scan: James
  • {{Author|new|Thomas}} → New version: Thomas
* {{Author|original|{{Creator:Joseph Ignatz Sadler}}}}
  • Original:
Joseph Ignatz Sadler  (1725–1767) Blue pencil.svg wikidata:Q12026920
Alternative names Josef Ignaz Sattler; Josef Ignaz Sadler
Description Czech painter
Date of birth/death 17 February 1725 9 January 1767
Location of birth/death Olomouc Olomouc
Work location Moravia
Authority control
creator QS:P170,Q12026920
  • {{Author/lc|upload|Suse}}  → upload: Suse