Template:By patron saint category

This is a shortcut way of adding {{metacat|patron saint}} to a category. For backwards compatibility only, if {{{1}}} is filled in, the template will categorize into a topic category. "By patron saint" categories are the only ones that do this autocategorizing (in the manner as explained below) into the main category tree (not maintenance/"flat list" parent categories). It's better to add the category manually, since it's possible someone will want to change it with HotCat or something. For example, you may want Category:Buildings by patron saint categorized in Category:Buildings by location instead of directly in Category:Buildings. Categorization changes based on the structure of the topic category, thus auto-categorization isn't a good idea in this case.


  • Add {{By patron saint category|subject}} to a by patron saint category.
  • For example Category:Buildings by patron saint contains {{By patron saint category|Buildings}}.
  • In the example, the template generates a [[Category:Categories by patron saint (flat list)|Buildings by patron saint]], [[Category:Buildings| patron saint]] (space before patron saint) and [[Category:Meta categories]]