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This image is from the Century Association Archives Foundation (CAAF). The CAAF has determined that there are no known copyright restrictions because the CAAF believes, to the best of its ability based on available information, that the content is unlikely to be protected by copyright interests and, in all likelihood, is in the public domain. This may mean:

  1. The copyright is in the public domain because it has expired;
  2. The copyright was injected into the public domain for other reasons, such as failure to adhere to required formalities or conditions;
  3. The CAAF owns the copyright but is not interested in exercising control; or
  4. The CAAF has legal rights sufficient to authorize others to use the work without restrictions.

However, restrictions may still exist. The CAAF makes its content available for personal and non-commercial educational uses consistent with the principles of fair use. If you decide to use the content for commercial or other purposes without undertaking to clear all rights, you will be responsible if someone else owns the rights and the owner objects to your use.

Please add additional copyright tags to this image if more specific information about copyright status can be determined. See Commons:Licensing for more information.

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