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These templates will finally aim to be merge with :

Template in usage code iso I type associated Category Number of files tl updated ?
{{অঙ্কন ঘর}} {Graphic Lab|bn|image} bn g=bn image Graphic Lab-bn 7 yes
{{Atelier graphique}} {Graphic Lab|fr|image} fr gf image Graphic Lab-fr 3,181 yes
{{Atelier graphique carte}} {Graphic Lab|fr|map} fr gf map Map Lab-fr 4,214 yes

{Graphic Lab|de|map}
de gd
g=gi *
map Kartenwerkstatt
Map Lab-de *
{{Fotowerkstatt}} (complex template,
with authors etc.)
photo Fotowerkstatt 3,705 not accepted (too complex)
{{Grafikwerkstatt}} {Graphic Lab|de|image} de gd image Graphic Lab-de 167 yes
{{Graphic Lab-en}} {Graphic Lab|en|image} en gl image Graphic Lab-en 161 yes
{{Map Lab-en}} {Graphic Lab|en|map} en gl map Map Lab-en 9 yes
{{Laboratorio grafico}} {Graphic Lab|it|image} it gi image Graphic Lab-it 701 yes
{{Laboratorio grafico mappa}} {Graphic Lab|it|map} it gi map Map Lab-it 305 yes
Total >16.000
{{Projet Blasons}} {Graphic Lab|fr|coa} fr gf coa CoA Lab-fr 16,871 yes
{{Project Heraldry}} {Graphic Lab|en|coa} en gl coa CoA Lab-en only categories? yes
{{Projekt Wappen}} {Graphic Lab|de|coa} de gd coa CoA Lab-de 101 yes
{{THV}} {Graphic Lab|es|coa} es ge coa CoA Lab-es 47 yes
{Graphic Lab|es|flag} es ge flag Flag Lab-es 19 yes
{{Taller de Cartografía}} {Graphic Lab|es|map} es ge map Map Lab-es 151 yes
{{WPGW vector image}} {Graphic Lab|pl|coa} pl gP coa CoA Lab-pl 28 yes
{Graphic Lab|pl|flag} pl gP flag Flag Lab-pl 15 yes
{Graphic Lab|pl|map} pl gP map Map Lab-pl 6 yes
{Graphic Lab|Commons|coa} commons gc coa CoA Lab-Commons 3 yes
{Graphic Lab|Commons|flag} commons gc flag Flag Lab-Commons 2 yes
{Graphic Lab|Commons|map} commons gc map Map Lab-Commons 12 yes
{{GL workshop}} {Graphic Lab|w|coa} workshop g=w coa CoA workshop 3 yes
{Graphic Lab|w|flag} workshop gw flag Flag workshop 11 yes
{Graphic Lab|w|map} workshop gw map Map workshop 3 yes
Total >34.000

In {{Image generation}} the transclusion can be done with gl (for "graphic lab", default is the English one) or g[l]=ISO 639-1 for another Graphic Lab,
together with the type (subcategory-specification s=m, s=f or s=c).
g[l]=c[m] or g[l]=commons or gc specifies Graphic Lab-Commons with its subcategories: g=c|s=m will therefore categorize into Map Lab-Commons.

As an abbreviaton the code value in column «I» may be used; in general (gb, gc, gd, ge, gf, gi, gj (gj for he, gh is reserved for hu), gl, gP (gP for Polish, gp is reserved for portuguese), gr and gw),
the subcategory-specification is needed for the diversification {c, f, m for CoA, Flag, Map - others are not diversified).

Note that {{Image generation}} provides several possibilities to express the same fact. Examples for the de-Wp, other Wikipedias similar:

Preferred and recommended is gd, plus the subcategorizing s= .
Preferred and recommended is gd plus the subcategorizing s=c (or s=eh for ecclesiastical heraldry)
Preferred and recommended is gd plus the subcategorizing s=m (or s=wm for world maps).

* Note: While gd leads automatically either to {{Wappenwerkstatt}} or to {{Kartenwerkstatt}}, for categorizing directly to Graphic Lab-de a workaround exists.
To categorize instead simply into Graphic Lab-de or its subcategories the pseudo iso639-1 code "g=gi" (German individual) can be used.