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№270 6 str. {{{2}}}  ✗  字 ? ea - p r a b o s S

This template is intended for the Commons:Stroke Order Project/Simplified Chinese progress page. It has the following variables:

  1. Frequency of the character, where 1 is the most frequent. The template substitutes the frequency of 字 if nothing is specified.
  2. The character in question. The template substitutes the character 字 if nothing is specified.
  3. Stroke count of the character. The template substitutes 6 (the stroke count of 字) if nothing is specified.
  4. Background colour for that row in the table. The template substitutes #FF6 (a shade of yellow) if nothing is specified.
  5. Verification status of the images. Specify OK if there is no problem. The template substitutes ? if nothing is specified.
  6. stroke composition
  7. Stroke order variants. Leave blank.
  8. (authoritative) page number with stroke order. ( )
  9. Language tag. Should follow: language-(extended language)-(Script)-(COUNTRY). Defaults to zh-Hans-CN - Chinese in simplified Han Ideographs used in CHINA.
  • All (...) statements are optional. Notice capitalization of each part.
  • Meaningful to the Stroke Order Project might be the following:
  • Languages: ja (Japanese), ko (Korean), zh (Chinese), vi (Vietnamese)
  • Scripts: Hani (Han Ideograph: Hanzi, Kanji, Hanja), Hans (Han Ideographs simplified), Hant (Han Ideographs traditional), Bopo (Bopomofo), Hira (Hiragana), Kana (Katakana), Hang (Hangeul), Hrkt (Hiragana, Katakana mixed script), Jpan (Japanese Hiragana, Katanana, Kanji mixed script), Latn (Latin script)
  • Regions; CN (China), JP (Japan), KP (North Korea), KR (South Korea), TW (Taiwan), VN (Viet Nam)
  • Abbreviations: There are 5 abbreviations for Han characters: T: zh-Hant-TW; J: ja-Hani-JP; K: ko-Hani; KX: ch-Hant-CN; V: vi-Hani-VN
  • And 5 abbreviations for syllabries: CB: zh-Bopo; KH: ko-Hang; JH: ja-Hira-JP; JK: ja-Kana-JP; JM: ja-Jpan-JP;

Currently each Hanzigallery table line performs three "ifexist" function calls.
As such function calls are limited to 500 for one page, no page should contain more than 166 Hanzigallery table lines. </divzndjdjdnjdnfnjdhdhdhhdbdvdvvdbf>