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Template:I18n/Cropped from

Cropped from


Note: place this template abutted to the following text, such as in {{i18n|cropped from}}[[:File:Example.jpg|File:Example.jpg]]. This template will take care of the space between the two parts, omitting it for languages that do not need it (such as Hebrew), and adding it for others.

See also {{i18n/cropped from}}, which does not capitalize the first letter.

The name i18n is an abbreviation of i(nternationalizatio)n, where "18" replaces 18 letters.
List is at Commons:Multilingual tags


{{i18n |1= }}

Template parameters

1{{i18n|anonymous}} = {{I18n/anonymous}}internationalizationoptional

Additional information

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To add your language to the list of languages supported by this template, please edit the template and add a row to the "{{LangSwitch|}}" construct. It takes the form "|xx= Your translation " (xx being the code of your language)