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This documentation is transcluded from Template:IUCNlink/doc.

This template formats links to the IUCN Red List website.
Nuvola apps important.svg This template is meant for using in the middle of a sentence. For an independant link use {{IUCN}}
{{IUCNlink | 15592 | Oryzomys couesi }}
{{IUCNlink | 15592 | Oryzomys couesi | rangemap=yes }}
Oryzomys couesi
Oryzomys couesi
{{IUCNlink | <id number> | <title> }}
  • <id number>
is the internal redlist identification number.
For example, in, the id number is 12345.
  • <title>
is an optional parameter for that causes the link to display like title instead of
  • rangemap=yes (optional)
to link directly to the range map rather than the general information page for a given species.
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