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and with QGIS.

This subtemplate displays a short message box that a file had been generated with participation of {{{1|}}}.

The default for parameter 1, the "with_tool", is "QGIS"; parameter 2 is the "main_tool" - there seems to be nothing else than Inkscape.
If another main tool than Adobe or Inkscape is needed, the value of Igen-parm_1 is passed with parameter 3, from where it can be evaluated.

For the subtemplate, Image generation uses the parameters

  1. & or &=with_tool (default: QGIS)
  2. &&=main_tool (from Igen_parm1, default: Inkscape)
  3. &c for another category;
    either full category name with the brackets,
    or suppress with &c=-
    or additional categorization with &c=+ to "with_tool".
  4. Igen-parm_1
and the named parameters &c "category", &s "subcategory"

The subtemplate categorizes [[Category:SVG created with with-tool and main-tool]],
a subcategory of SVG created with with-tool.