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Template:Inaccurate paleoart

Inaccurate paleoart.jpg This paleontological restoration is inaccurate, or its accuracy is disputed.

Please edit this page to supply an explanation, if you are able. This explanation should be added to the template code. For example: {{inaccurate paleoart|reason=pronated hands}}. You may ask further questions about the accuracy of this image at the image review page of Wikiproject Palaeontology on the English Wikipedia.

This documentation is transcluded from Template:Inaccurate paleoart/doc.


This template is used to mark inaccurate paleontological restorations. This template automatically adds images to Category:Inaccurate paleoart and appropriate subcategories. The reason= parameter is used to specify the reason, or else viewers are referred to the talk page. The parameters historical=, dinosaur=, and skeleton= are yes/no switches that are used for categorization and customize the template text. The dinosaur subclade parameters must be used in addition to dinosaur=, to provide more specific auto-categorization.

{{Inaccurate paleoart

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