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This is a reproduction of a unit of currency that is or was in use in Iran which was designed before January 1, 1990.
This work is now in the public domain in Iran, because according to the Law for the Protection of Authors, Composers and Artist Rights (1970) its term of copyright has expired after 30 years from the date of publication or public presentation as a case where the work belongs to a legal personality.(Article 16)

Ambox warning yellow.svg Banknotes/coins designed after December 31, 1989: The Central Bank of Iran holds the copyright on the banknotes/coins designed after December 31, 1989. All banknotes/coins designed after December 31, 1989 will be deleted as a {{Copyvio}}. See COM:CRT/Iran#Currency for more information.

This file, either completely or in part, represents a depiction of a unit of currency. Even though this file is in the public domain or otherwise not copyrighted, its use may be restricted by other legal provisions outside of copyright law.
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{{Iranian currency}}

The template takes no parameters.

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