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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • InfraclassisNeoptera • SuperordoEndopterygota • Ordo: Lepidoptera • Familia: [[:Category:{{{familia}}}|{{{familia}}}]]
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Lepidoptera/doc.

For all Lepidoptera families, subfamilies, tribes, genera, species, and subspecies.

 |tribus= <!-- WARNING, only for certain subfamilies. No subtribus -->
 |species= <!-- only the second part of the name (lowercase) -->
  • In categories, do not add any taxonomic category since this template auto-categorizes. (In galleries, the categories are needed)
  • If needed, the genus category can be disambiguated by genus-disambig. Fill in the genus field as you normally would (to form the correct species link), then set genus-disambig equal to the disambiguation part of the name (including the parentheses). See Category:Caria ino for a working example.
  • You may add the tribe to any genus or species, however it will only show up for certain subfamilies (See HERE the list of managed subfamilies) where tribe categorization is useful. See Commons:WikiProject Tree of Life/Lepidoptera/Progress. It's a good idea to add tribes anyway for large subfamilies where it's likely that they will be used in the future (as the number of images grow).
  • category overrides the autocategorizing.
  • Does not manage superfamilia=, supertribus=, subtribus=