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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Milim/doc.

A military image template for preserving the most relevant fields for photographs and other media available on the website or other Department of Defense websites that provide the same metadata. Note that had a public interface before 2015, but has been hidden, effectively superseded by dvidshub. Existing links on Commons can be usefully swapped over to DVIDS links where they exist.


 |description =
 |date        =
 |source      =
 |author      =
 |gallery     =
 |permission  =
 |location    =
 |virin       =
 |dateposted  =
 |filename    =
 |newsphotoid =
 |post        =
 |stars       =

Please ensure the VIRIN is always provided in this template. This ensures that non-identical duplicates can be found. As photographs from the Department of Defense may have varied EXIF data, the normal file hash check will not always find these duplicates.

Template parameters

descriptionDescription of the file, normally identical to the Department of Defense gallery description.emptyrequired
dateDate photograph or video was taken.emptyoptional
sourceLink to source for the media file.emptyrequired
authorAuthor of original file.emptyrequired
galleryLink to gallery webpage providing a source for metadata.emptyoptional
permissionPermission information to supplement the PD license.emptyoptional
locationLocation where original was taken.emptyoptional
virinUnique identifier given by the Department of Defense.emptyrequired
datepostedDate posted to the Department of Defense website, or the original date of official release to the public.emptyoptional
filenameAlternative field for VIRIN, retained for compatibility with uploads from the DoD blog website.emptyoptional
newsphotoidUnique blog post number assigned when used on the DoD blog website.emptyoptional
postLink to the blog archive page (showing associated metadata) for photos that have been put on the DoD blog.emptyoptional
starsStar rating (out of 5) given by DVIDS users. This feature was dropped from the dvidshub website in June 2016.emptyoptional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the File namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups:

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