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The ship "Noordam" of the Holland America Line brings the first relief supplies from America to the port of Rotterdam, as agreed upon in the Marshall Plan. On board there is wheat, general cargo, soy oil, agricultural machinery, steel and cars. SHOTS - with fireworks, the ship's nachtst (three hours in the morning), welcomed into the port of Hoek van Holland - in the dawn steam reached the port of Rotterdam and moors - the Dutch swimmer Nel van Brook rushing down the ramp and is greeted on the dock - port workers begin using cranes to unload the ship - the U.S. ambassador, Dr. Henry Baruch (goatee and cane), comes with his wife (?) And company, starting on the quay and went to the Philadelphia pilot of HAL, - int. pilot: a great company listens to speakers, including Foreign Minister, Mr. CGWH Baron of Boetzelaer van Oosterhout, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. JRM van den Brink, and Dr. Baruch, - the captain of the ship, Koster, submit to the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, ir SL Mansholt, symbolically, a small bag of wheat - Baruch, Mansholt and company walk the dock road, - an elevator gets wheat from the hold of the Noordam and pours it into the hold of smaller vessel.

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