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Copyright warning: A subject in this image is protected by copyright.

This image features an architectural or artistic work, photographed from a public space in Slovenia. There are limited freedom of panorama in Slovenia, which means that these works cannot be photographed freely for economic gain or for a three-dimensional reproduction or for the same purpose as the original work. However, de minimis non curat praetor concept may be applicable.

If a copyrighted architectural or artistic work is contained in this image and it is a substantial reproduction, this photo cannot be licensed under a free license, and will be deleted. Framing this image to focus on the copyrighted work is also a copyright violation.

Before reusing this content, ensure that you have the right to do so. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you do not infringe someone else's copyrights. See our general disclaimer and {{SpomenikSVN}} for more information.

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