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To create a new language version of this template, create a new subpage and use this code:

{{No fair use/layout
|heading=Pay attention to copyright
|text=The Wikimedia Commons does not accept [[Commons:fair use|fair use]] content, because fair use laws vary from country to country - thus, content deemed acceptable under, for instance, US fair use concepts (which are very broad) is not usable in the majority of other countries.
Also, fair use depends on the context the image (or other media) is used in. That is, something that can be used on one page as fair use would be a copyright violation on another page. Especially, fair use does not allow collecting and distributing the images in a media database such as the Commons. This means that fair use simply does not apply to the Commons.
{{translated tag|user}}

In order for the heading to be translated too, please add also a /heading/<langcode> subpage with the translation for:

The Wikimedia Commons does not accept fair use content<noinclude>
{{Translated tag|user}}