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Flag of the Republic of China.svg This file is licensed under the Open Government Data Licence v1.0 (OGDL).
Grant of Copyright License
  • The Data Providing Organization grants User a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free copyright license to reproduce, distribute, publicly transmit, publicly broadcast, publicly recite, publicly present, publicly perform, compile, adapt to the Open Data provided for any purpose, including but not limited to making all kinds of Derivative Works either as products or services.
  • Any additional written offer or other formality for copyright license from the Data Providing Organization is not required, if User makes use of Open Data in compliance with the License.
  • The License does not grant any rights in the patents and trademarks.
Condition and Obligation
  • By utilizing the Open Data provided under the License, User indicates his/her acceptance of this License and all its terms and conditions overall to do so, and shall make the reasonable efforts with respect to moral right protection of the third parties involved.
  • When User makes use of the Open Data and its Derivative Work, he/she must make an explicit notice of statement as attribution requested in the Exhibit below by the Data Providing Organization. If User fails to comply with the attribution requirement, the rights granted under this License shall be deemed to have been void ab initio.
Consult this frequently asked questions (Chinese) for full details.
Note: Since 2016, some information owned by the central government of Republic of China (Taiwan) has been offered for use and re-use under the Open Government Data Licence].[1]
See also: Meta for information on usage on Wikimedia wikis.

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