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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Old maps meaning/doc.

  1. This template expects the parameter {{{1}}} or (explicitly) |main= to be the corresponding matching main category at the same level in the parallel scheme. (See [4] following.)
  2. The template will take a parameter (cat=) to override the default cat AOMC (All Old Maps Categories).
  3. The template will take a parameter (inhibit= or inhib=) to prevent autocategorization.
  4. The template will take a parameter (width=##) to change the default footprint of 45% (the percent sign is provided, so use as in '|width=55'... which will be expanded as CSS code 'width:55%;').
  5. The parameters PT=, OR |pipetrick= is provided to sort tagged pages by a pipetrick order. It is suggested this value be the name of the category after the words 'Old maps of' or 'Old maps by', which is to say the main map category page. If PT/pipetrik are not given the sort pipetrick will default to {{{1}}}, {{{main}}} or {{PAGENAME}} in that order of precedence. PT/pipetrick will override {{{1}}}, {{{main}}} or {{PAGENAME}}.
  6. The internal categorization logic (only used when the template is included) is:
  -->{{#if:{{{inhibit|}}}{{{inhib|}}}|<!-- skip -->|[[Category:<!--


{{Old maps meaning |1= }}

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The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the Category namespace

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