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This template is used in the "date" parameter of the {{Information}} template to render the words "original upload date" (i.e. the upload date in another Wikimedia project) in the language specified in the user's preferences. This template is to be used for files moved from another Wikimedia projects. This template should be used only if the creation date of the file is unknown.


{{Original upload date |1= }}

Or use the shorthand {{Originaluploaddate|… parameters as described …}}

There are three possible ways to use this template:

  • Use the template without any parameters. It just renders the words "original upload date".
  • Give the date in ISO 8601 form as a parameter. The template displays the date (localized by {{ISOdate}}) and renders the words "original upload date".
  • Provide the date as three parameters: year, month, day

Template parameters

1Date in ISO 8601 form. {{ISOdate}} is used.emptyoptional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the File namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users


{{Original upload date|2019-09-22}}

renders as:

(original upload date)

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To add your language to the list of languages supported by this template, please edit the template and add a row to the "{{LangSwitch|}}" construct. It takes the form "|xx= Your translation " (xx being the code of your language)