Public domain This work is considered part of national folklore in Egypt and is in the public domain as per Article 142 of Intellectual Property Law 82 of 2002. Article 138 of the same law defines national folklore as "any expression which consists of distinctive elements reflecting the traditional popular heritage, which originated or developed in Egypt, including in particular:
  • (a) Oral expressions such as folk tales, poetry and charades, and other folklore;
  • (b) Musical expressions such as popular songs accompanied by music;
  • (c) Motion expressions, such as popular dances, plays, artistic forms and rituals;
  • (d) Tangible expressions such as:
    • Products of popular plastic art, particularly drawings with lines and colors, engravings, sculpture, ceramics, pottery, woodwork and any inlaid designs, mosaics, metal or jewelry, hand-woven bags, needlework, textiles, carpets and clothes;
    • Musical instruments;
    • Architectural forms."
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