Public domain This Egyptian stamp published or made available to the public prior to 1946, is currently in the public domain in Egypt because it is a collective work whose 50-year term of protection has expired pursuant to the provisions of Intellectual Property Law 82 of 2002 (Art. 162).

Egypt Post, which issues Egyptian stamps, is very assertive of its rights. Its website states that "all materials in this site including photos, software and databases, texts, graphics, signs, general appearance and other contents are protected by intellectual property rights of Egypt Post and the copyright stipulated in the Egyptian laws and international treaties."[1]

Works hosted on Commons must be in the public domain in the United States as well as in their source country. All Egyptian works made under the direction of a legal person and published prior to 1946 were in the public domain in their source country on the date of restoration (January 1, 1996).[2] They were thus ineligible for copyright restoration in the United States, and are currently also in the public domain there.[3]

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