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This work first published in the Ottoman Empire is now in the public domain because the Empire's copyright formalities were not met (copyright notice, registration, and deposit), or because the copyright term (30 years after the death of the author, sometimes less) expired before the Empire was dissolved (details).
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Template for works first published in the Ottoman Empire (and not re-published within 30 days in a country that signed international copyright agreements like the Berne Convention). It is based on the description of Ottoman copyright law in

According to Birnhack, the Ottoman Empire passed the Authors’ Rights Act in 1910. "The 1910 Act was a codification of an Ottoman Act of 1850, as amended in 1857." In most cases it provided for 30pma (sometimes less). The Empire never signed the Berne Convention.

Note that works in copyright when the Empire was dissolved may be subject to copyright laws of successor countries.


{{PD-Ottoman Empire |1= }}

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