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Public domain This work was created in Saudi Arabia and is now in the public domain there because its term of copyright has expired pursuant to the provisions of Saudi Arabian Law Royal Decree No: M/41 (details). In order to be hosted on Commons, all works must be in the public domain in the United States as well as in their source country. Saudi Arabia's works are currently in the public domain in the United States if their copyright had expired in Saudi Arabia on the date of restoration (Dec. 11, 2005).[1]
Saudi Arabia
Type of material Copyright has expired in Saudi Arabia if... Copyright has expired in the U.S. if...
Photographic work or work of applied art. published prior to 1986[2] published prior to 1979[2]
Sound works, audio-visual works, films or collective works published prior to 1961[3] published prior to 1954[3]
Broadcast materials transmitted prior to 1986[4] transmitted prior to 1979[4]
Other works with an identifiable author the author died prior to 1961[5] the author died prior to 1954[5]
Work whose author is unknown or was published by a corporate entity published prior to 1961[6] published prior to 1954[6]

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