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This image is in public domain in Venezuela because in accordance with:

The work has been liberated of any type of copyright and cannot be patented: because it represents a Flag, a Coat of arms or another ensign of the Republic, of the States or of the Municipalities and, in general, of any Venezuelan entity of public character;

Warning: it is necessary consider the following: The National Flag, and the Coat of arms of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are the symbols of that nation, so must be respected by the Venezuelan people, and by the citizens of other countries. So, its use can´t be target of insults, fouls, disparagement or discrimination. The good faith of its use is presumed.

The texts of laws, decrees, official regulations, public treaties, judicial decisions and other official acts shall not be protected by this Law. The copyrights of author and his successors have expired after 60 years counted from January 1 of the year following from the first publication. Sixty years have passed since the death of the author.

It is a work made in collaboration, and sixty years have passed counted from January 1 of the year following that of the death of the last surviving coauthor.

The copyrights of the photographer and his successors became extinct because sixty years have passed from the first publication of the work.

Sixty years of its completion have passed and it was not published or registered during this period. The time referred to in this article was counted from January 1 of the year following the publication or the completion, respectively.

It is an anonymous or pseudonymous work, and sixty years have passed from the first publication or the completion of the work.

It is a photo made by a professional photographer, and it was a transfer object during a labor relationship or professional contract and the employer or contractor liberated it.

It is a made edition fifteen years ago, or it is an edition and fifteen years have passed without being published or registered. Also the original work was published sixty years counted from January 1 following from its first publication.

It is compared to the photos of the images printed on the audiovisual tapes, without constituting properly an audiovisual work and have passed sixty years counted from January 1 of the year following since the death of its author.

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