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Template:Parse source

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This template should only be used in {{information}} to parse the source field.

The template tries to match the message based on MediaWiki:UploadFormOwnWorkLabel or {{own}}. When a match is made, the message is returned in the user's interface language.

To add a match based on MediaWiki:UploadFormOwnWorkLabel:

|<!-- MediaWiki:UploadFormOwnWorkLabel/<lang> --> {{subst:ucfirst:{{subst:lc:{{subst:MediaWiki:UploadFormOwnWorkLabel/<lang>}}}}}}

You might want to keep older revisions around or add them.

To add a match based on {{own}} add:

|<!-- <lang> -->{{subst:ucfirst:{{subst:lc:Own work}}}}

You have to use the lc and ucfirst functions because the switch statement first converts all characters to lowercase and than the first character to uppercase again (to have case insensitive matching).

The use of {{own}} in the information template won't cause a template loop ({{own}} won't match and will just return).

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