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When this file was uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, it was available from Photohito under the stated license. In 6 December 2011, Photohito has stopped supporting Creative Commons licenses. As Creative Commons licenses cannot be revoked in this manner, the file is still free to use under the terms of the license specified. See the Creative Commons FAQ on revoking licensing.

このファイルは、2011年12月5日以前に記載のとおりのライセンスで PHOTOHITO に投稿されていました。PHOTOHITOでは2011年12月6日より、このライセンスの表示をとりやめましたが、クリエイティブ・コモンズのライセンスは撤回することができませんので、このファイルはここに記載の通りのライセンスで今後も利用することができます。詳しくはライセンスの撤回に関するクリエイティブ・コモンズのFAQをご覧ください。

From the CC FAQ (permanent link; August 2006):
"Creative Commons licenses are non-revocable. This means that you cannot stop someone, who has obtained your work under a Creative Commons license, from using the work according to that license. You can stop distributing your work under a Creative Commons license at any time you wish; but this will not withdraw any copies of your work that already exist under a Creative Commons license from circulation, be they verbatim copies, copies included in collective works and/or adaptations of your work. So you need to think carefully when choosing a Creative Commons license to make sure that you are happy for people to be using your work consistent with the terms of the license, even if you later stop distributing your work."