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Template:Please use SVG/doc

< Template:Please use SVG
 {{subst:please use SVG|1=Filename.ext|2=PNG}}
or shortcut


  • Kein Zuspammen der Benutzerseite: Maximal eine dieser Meldung
  • Nicht bei eindeutigen Urheberrechts-Verstößen einsetzen
  • Nur beim tatsächlichten Autor einsetzen
  • Die Datei(n) sollte(n) vorher mit {{Convert to SVG}} markiert sein

Wie wird's gemacht?

  1. Filename: vollständiger Dateiname; kein Pfad
  2. PNG: Wenn angegeben, wird der Nutzer auch nach einer eventuell vorhandenen PNG – Datei gefragt



  • Don't clutter user pages. Only one of these message per page!
  • Do not use if the concerning image is a copyright violation.
  • Post this message on the talk page of the actual author only. It does not make sense, if it is a logo copyed from a website.
  • Usage only for files .
  • The file(s) should be tagged with {{Convert to SVG}} before.


  1. Filename: complete Filename; not the path
  2. PNG: If specified, the user is asked for a PNG version, too.



  • Ne pas encombrer les pages utilisateur. Un message par page!
  • Ne pas utiliser si l'image est une violation du droit d'auteur.
  • Envoyer ce message seulement sur la page de discussion de l'auteur réel. Il n'a pas de sens, s'il s'agit d'un logo copié à partir d'un site web.

Comment faire?

  1. Filename: Nom du fichier entier
  2. PNG: S'il est spécifié, l'utilisateur est demandé pour un PNG – fichier.


To create a new language version of this template, create a new subpage and use this code (or from other already existing language subpage):

{{Please use SVG/layout
|text=Thank you for uploading {{#if: {{{1|}}} | [[:File:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] | [[Special:ListFiles/{{BASEPAGENAME}}|some images]] }}! 

Did you know that the '''[[Help:SVG|SVG]]''' format is often the best alternative for this type of image? Scalable Vector Graphics have a lot of advantages: They ''scale better'', the file size is usually ''smaller'' then ''{{W|raster graphics}}'', and they are ''easier to modify and translate'', helping Wikimedia to distribute knowledge to all of the world. A lot of modern programs support SVG export, though the result is not always what you may expect. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me, a member of the [[COM:GL|Graphic Lab]], or the [[COM:GVP|Graphics village pump]]. {{ #if: {{{2|}}} | However, it will be also an improvement if you can export (save) this image in ''PNG'' format without artefacts and upload. }} Uploading images in SVG format isn't mandatory, but it would help. (Just to avoid any misunderstandings, please don't just put the raster image into a svg container as ''embedded raster''.)<sup>[//]</sup> Thanks, and happy editing!
{{translated tag|user}}

And then replace the language code:

- |lang=en
+ |lang={{subst:SUBPAGENAME}}

To show the language, made also an corresponding entry on /lang.