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This template generates a row for inclusion in the table of Flickr users at Commons:Questionable Flickr images.


{{qfi|Screen Name|alphabetic_id|numeric_id|comment}}

  • Screen Name – Either the only name shown on the Flickr user's profile page, or the name shown after the slash. May contain uppercase letters. Must be entered.
  • alphabetic_id – Sometimes shown as the last part of URLs for the profile and photostream pages. Contains lowercase letters only. Not all Flickr users have alphabetic IDs, so this may be left blank: {{qfi|Screen Name||numeric_id|comment}}
  • numeric_id – Eight digits, followed by an @ sign, an N, and two digits. Shown as the last part of the URLs for the profile and photostream pages unless an alphabetic ID is shown. If you only know the alphabetic ID, you can figure out the numeric one using Must be entered.
  • comment – A link to a deletion discussion, Commons username if it's a case of Flickrwashing, or other helpful information. May be omitted.