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This template pastes a start for a vandalism-file for IP-ranges. It uses {{SharedIPEDU}} for the message and {{User14}} for related IPs. See User talk: for an example use of {{subst:sedu}}. Include that talk-page on the other talkpages of the normal IPs (like on User talk:

=> Use this template on the range-talkpage only, for normal IP-talkpages use the normal {{SharedIPEDU}}, or include the asociated range-talkpage !

Please make sure to add messages that are important for all IPs (like a block) about vandalism to the file on the range-page and not the individual talk-pages, you can do this easily by using the edit-link above the list. However, messages that should be read by the IP directly (like a test-warning) should be placed on the local talkpages, since else they won't see a yellow noticebar (because their talkpage isn't "changed")

The first and second parameter (organisationname and IP-range respectively) is passed on to {{SharedIPEDU}}.