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This documentation is transcluded from Template:ShipEvent/doc.

helps to standardize and translate something that happenned to a ship, such as a sale, a shipwreck or a change of flag


{{ShipEvent |date= |type= |text= |newowner= |oldowner= |place= |name= |flag= |port= |call sign= |registration= |MMSI= }}

Template parameters

datedate when the Event took place, use ISO format when possible and ? when the date is unknownemptyoptional
typetype of event (sale, shipwreck, scrapped). Look inside the template for a full up-to-date list.emptyoptional
textmore detailed description of the event (if needed)emptyoptional
newownernew owner when the ship owner changesemptyoptional
oldownerformer owner or saler when the ship ownership changesemptyoptional
placeplace where the event occurredemptyoptional
namename taken by the ship (when first christened or when the name changesemptyoptional
portPort of registryemptyoptional
call signCallsignemptyoptional
registrationregistration. See Template:Ship registeremptyoptional

Additional information

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