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Commons is not a free web hostEdit

  • People who claim they're world leaders: google
  • Pages that use invalid HTML, copy-and-pasted from MySpace or another Web host: hyperlinks | images
  • For some reason, these throws up more proddable pages than spam...
  • People with professional training: google
  • Userpages containing "band" in the title: google

This documentation is transcluded from Template:Spam finder/doc.


This is a list of search terms used to find mainly userspace spam. Feel free to add to it. If you find anything, tag it with {{Db-spam}}.

To include this template on your user page, add {{Spam finder}} on your user page.

Pictogram voting info.svg Info Be aware that this page, and anything that it is transcluded on, may show up in these Google searches as well.

Edit this template to add the latest spam keywords.