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This category contains Species(demo) of Trigoniaceae(demo).

This category is automatically filled by the use of {{Taxonavigation}} with parameter include=Trigoniaceae (APG)(demo).

This category should only contain Species(demo) categories and galleries. It should contain no file.


{{TaxonavigationAutoCategory/ | taxonName=<taxonName> | contentRank=<contentRank> | contentRankIndex=<1,2...> | plantaebyfamily=<yes|no> }}
  • taxonName=<taxonName>
the name of the main taxon.
Sample (for Genera of Fabaceae): taxonName=Fabaceae
  • contentRank=<contentRank>
the rank of the content of the category (plural, english, except for Species and Genera).
Sample (for Genera of Fabaceae): contentRank=Genera
  • contentRankIndex=<1,2...>
the numerical rank of the content of the category (1 for Species, 2 for Genera, 3 for Subtribes, 4 for Tribes, 5 for Subfamilies, 6 for families).
Sample (for Genera of Fabaceae): contentRankIndex=2
  • plantaebyfamily=<yes|no>
If yes, then Category:Plantae by family will be added
Sample (for Genera of Fabaceae): plantaebyfamily=yes
  • includename=<includename>
The name of the include used by {{Taxonavigation}}
Sample (for Genera of Fabaceae): include=Fabaceae (APG)
  • includes=<includelist> (optional)
A list of includes used by {{Taxonavigation}}.
Sample (for Families of Marchantiophyta): includes=[[Template:Haplomitriopsida|]], [[Template:Jungermanniopsida|]] or [[Template:Marchantiopsida|]]
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