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Taken by [[:Category:Images from {{{event}}} by {{{team}}}|{{{team}}}]]

A participant in [[Category:{{{event}}}|{{{event}}}]]

This photo was taken by a participant or team in a Wikimedian-organized photo scavenger hunt. Participants in these events usually do not have regular Wikimedia accounts, and have agreed to have their photos uploaded under free licenses by the event organizers.


This template was created for use by Wikimedia photo scavenger hunts. Although it can be added to an image manually, it is typically added automatically by a contest upload bot. For more information, see Commons:Photo scavenger hunts.


Parameter Explanation Example
event Title of the scavenger hunt event Wikipedia Takes Xanadu IV
team Team name WikiGnomes
id ID of the event from the Wikimedia Photo Scavenger Hunts site.[1] 13
logo Image name. Do not include the "File:" or "Image:" prefix. Defaults to camera icon. ContestLogo.jpg


{{Team|event=Wikipedia Takes Xanadu IV|team=WikiGnomes|id=13|logo=Wikipedia-Takes-Xanadu.png}}