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{{ Tle }}

This documentation is transcluded from Template:Tle/doc.

Meta template for template description. Describes template parameters


{{Tle |T= }}

Template parameters

Tname of the template; Will be displayed as linkable itemTleoptional
tname of the template; Will be displayed as plain text
When parameter "T" is specified, an additional parameter "t" is ignored
1 … 25parameter value; may contain wiki syntax, if necessaryemptyoptional
p1 … p25parameter nameemptyoptional
fpossible value to format the display - see #Format exampleemptyoptional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: all namespaces

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

The template does not generate any localizable text.


It is necessary to distinguish between a template and its parameter names and parameter values, and this meta-template with its meta-parameter-names and meta-parameter-values.

Wikimedia Commons has lots of other template templates, but none is really able to describe complicated parametrizing easily.

{{ Tle }} describes each parameter as a meta-pair |pn= |n= , an optional meta-parameter p1...p25 for the name and an optional unnamed meta-parameter for the value.
For unnamed parameters this name can be the number; if even that is not needed, some or all meta-parameter names may dismiss.

How to use

After specifying the template name, its parameter values are specified with the unnamed meta-parameters; its parameter names can be specified with the meta-parameters p1 to pn.

To describe the parameters of template Tle, the following can be used:
{{ TleT = Tle1 = parm-value12 = parm-value2 | ...n = parm-valuen00p1 = parm-name1p2 = parm-name2 | = parm-namen }}

A template with only unnamed parameters may look like e.g.
{{ Example1 = parm-value12 = parm-value2 | ...n = parm-valuen }}

or without the numbers
{{ Exampleparm-value1parm-value2 | ...parm-valuen }}

Values can as well be empty - but it may not be a very useful template description to say nothing about a value.


While the values can be specified without names, it makes no sense to specify a name without its value; at least an empty value is necessary.
Because possibly parameter names are checked only when there is a parameter value, superfluous names without values will be ignored:

{{Tle|t=m||||p3=parameter#3}} will give {{ Mparameter#3 =  }}
{{Tle|t=m||||p4=superfluous}} will give {{ M }}


The template:{{Color}} has two unnamed parameters (1=color, 2=text) and three named parameters (bg, title and css). With
{{Tle|T=color|text color|any text|p3=bg|background color|p4=title|tooltip text|p5=css|CSS attributes}}
this description is made: {{ Colortext colorany textbg = background colortitle = tooltip textcss = CSS attributes }}

{{Tle|t=C| | | | | | | | | }} will just display {{ C }}

Without any meta-parameter, {{Tle}} just shows the template name: {{ Clr }} or {{ Clr }}.
With neither T nor t the default template name will be Tle.

Format example

The parameter f allows to format the display: its value precedes each parameter. The following example shows how this can be done with f=<br>{{0}}
{{ Image generation
0SVG tool = Inkscape
0W3C error count = 3
0Text as path = yes
0Graphic Lab = de
0Topic = structural formula }}

[edit template links]

Template links

Code Result Notes lock


{{Example}} makes brackets part of the link; see docu Lock-r.svg


Example just link, without the brackets; see docu Lock-g.svg


{{Example}} inner brackets are part of the link; see docu Lock-g.svg


{{Example}} brackets are not a part of the link; see docu Lock-g.svg


{{Example}} makes brackets around the link; see docu Lock-r.svg


{{subst:example}} no parameters, adds "subst:" Lock-r.svg
Templates showing parameters 0 Meta template {{Tle}} is easiest to parametrize.


{{ V1 = v12 = v23 = v3 }} decribes template parameters by names and values Lock-g.svg


{{example|1|2|3|4|5|7|8|...}} up to 8 parameters Lock-r.svg


{{subst:example|1|2|3|4|5||7|8|...}} up to 8 parameters, adds "subst:"; see docu Lock-g.svg

{{Tlf|example|1|2|3|...up to 8}}

{{example|1|2|3|...up to 8}} up to 8 parameters, no link; see docu Lock-r.svg

{{Tlc|example|1|2|3|4|||7|up to 8|9}}

{{example|1|2|3|4|||7|up to 8}} up to 8 parameters, no link, <code> style Lock-g.svg


{{example|1||2|3||}} up to 8 parameters, <code> style; see docu Lock-g.svg


{{User:Example}} like {{tl}} but for any namespace Lock-g.svg
Alternative forms 0 These ignore empty parameters.


{{example|1|2|3|4|5|7|8}} up to 8 parameters; ignores empty parms Lock-r.svg


{{example|p1|p2}} up to 2 parameters, <code> style; see docu Lock-g.svg


{{subst:example|1|2|3|etc.}} up to 3 parameters, adds linked "subst:" Lock-g.svg


{{subst:example|2|3|6|...}} up to 5 parameters, adds linked "subst:", teletype style Lock-g.svg