Template:US states by month/doc


This template is used in categories for US states by month and year.

{{US states by month|year|month|state}}


Months can be full, short (three letter), or number.
{{US states by month|1776|July|Massachusetts}}
{{US states by month|1776|Jul|Massachusetts}}
{{US states by month|1776|7|Massachusetts}}
For use in templates for states with defaults set to avoid #expr error messages
{{US states by month|{{{1|2004}}}|{{{2|September}}}|Massachusetts}}
{{US states by month|{{{1|2004}}}|{{{2|Sep}}}|Massachusetts}}
{{US states by month|{{{1|2004}}}|{{{2|9}}}|Massachusetts}}


Documentation for state templates available at: Template:US states by month/docstate

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State templates which are utilizing this master template:

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