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This is one of the images forming part of the Valued image set: [[Valued image set: {{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]] on Wikimedia Commons. The image set has been assessed under the valued image set criteria and is considered the most valued set on Commons within the scope:

You can see its nomination at [[Commons:Valued image candidates/{{{1}}}|Commons:Valued image candidates/{{{1}}}]].

This documentation is transcluded from Template:VIS/doc.


This template is added to the image page of valued images in the following way:




is the subpage of the Valued image candidate review.


is the scope of the nomination, as copied from the scope parameter in {{VIC}} template of the associated valued image candidate page.


is the date and time of promotion. Use ~~~~~

titlescope (optional)Edit

This optional parameter is used for overriding the title of the scope used in the {{VIS-gallery}} page.

If unspecified, the template will link to a gallery page named

Valued image set: <scope>

However, this does not work, when the scope contains special formatting like links or italics, or when it is too long to be suited for page title display. In those cases the title scope is specified such that a link is made to

Valued image set: <titlescope>